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Die Sith sind die Hauptgegner des Star Wars-Universums. Der Sith-Orden wird als eine alte klösterliche und kraterokratische Kultistenorganisation übernatürlich begabter Machtträger dargestellt, die von. Naga Sadow, Dunkler Lord der Sith. Sith-Lords, Schwarze Lords und Sith-Ladys, einst Jen'jidai (Plural von Jen'ari) genannt, sind das Äquivalent der. Der "Orden der Sith-Lords" war der Sith-Orden in der Zeit von der Einführung der Regel der Zwei durch Darth Bane im Jahre VSY bis zur Umgestaltung. Star Wars™ - Die Sith-Lords | Kemp, Paul S., Kasprzak, Andreas | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Die Handlung von The Sith Lords ist etwa Jahre vor den Ereignissen aus den Star-Wars-Kinofilmen und fünf Jahre nach den Ereignissen des Vorgängers​.

sith lords

Star Wars™ - Die Sith-Lords | Kemp, Paul S., Kasprzak, Andreas | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Die Sith sind die Hauptgegner des Star Wars-Universums. Der Sith-Orden wird als eine alte klösterliche und kraterokratische Kultistenorganisation übernatürlich begabter Machtträger dargestellt, die von. - Erkunde plagueiss Pinnwand „Sith Lords“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Star wars, Star wars bilder, Star wars character.

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Anakin Learns Palpatine Is The Sith Lord [1080p]

However, Sidious was resurrected and lead the Sith Eternal cult. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the Sith title "Sith Lord". Boba Fett? You're no match for him.

He's a Sith Lord. Contents [ show ]. Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures — " Jedi vs. Joined Jedi again and turned against Exar Kun.

Founder of Sith Triumverate. Great Jedi and Sith, killed by Sith Emperor. Apprentice of Darth Malak, killed by Revan.

Lord of Pain. Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Killed her master Darth Bane in her battle for Sith Mastership.

Killed by Darth Plagueis. Grand war between Galactic Republic and Separatists. Apprentice of Darth Sidious. Apprentice of Darth Sidious, died from wounds of fight when killing Emperor Palpatine.

Apprentice of Asajj Ventress, brother of Darth Maul. New Republic wins the war. Ground forces will be committed once they believe the battle is won.

Use their numbers against them. Once we draw them in, Lord Vowrawn will lead our forces in a full scale counter-attack.

What we lack in numbers, we will make up for in superior skill and mastery of the terrain. Maul looked at Vowrawn's hologram and sized him up, before speaking in his cool, yet frightening voice.

Vowrawn," Maul said, addressing the Sith master the same way he addressed Maul. But then the Empress stepped in with all the tact of a school teacher disciplining her students.

Lord Maul will follow the plan just as I expect you to. Vowrawn nodded, but made sure to give one last stink-eyed glance at Maul before keeping his bitterness in check.

Then he looked to his master again. An armored figure stepped into the hologram next to the Empress. He wore bulky armor that was all black.

A platoon of Force-sensitive Dark troopers. He turned to Rook Kast. Tell them we need to be in position for when the counter-attack.

She nodded and followed him out of the bunker, while Acina and Vowrawn's holograms disappeared, going on to direct their forces into battle.

Behind the great wall protecting Kaas City, Imperial forces were preparing for battle. Soldiers rushed back and forth to get to their defensive stations on top of the outer wall, and outside of it on the jungle floor.

We are under attack. Get to your positions and prepare for war! As Sith Troopers with bulky onyx armor, and red stripes, rushed to their positions, Darth Vowrawne, apprentice to Empress Acina and heir to her throne, stood on weapons crates to give an inspiring speech to his men.

We will stop the False Sith, and their pathetic army at the walls of our great city. On this day, as the enemy fleet descends upon us, we will defend our glorious civilization against the false Sith.

Your families demand that you rise to the occasion to fight for the glory of our Empire. For too long, we suffered our crippling, humiliating defeat at the hands of the Jedi, and the Republic.

We've suffered countless, unbearable hardships. We were left by our enemies to die from disease and famine. But that time has passed.

For years, we've endured nothing but struggle and suffering, slowly rebuilding our strength, our pride, and our Empire. Once the false Sith have been defeated, we will emerge the shadows and show the galaxy our true power.

For The Empire! Dooku turned to Grievous. Grievous bowed his head before answering. Load the batteries and raise the forward shields.

Prepare to fire on my command. The droids all snapped to attention and sounded off a crisp 'Roger, Roger' in almost perfect unison.

They turned back to their stations and got the ship moving. The Invisible Hand rumbled forward at the head of the fleet.

The frigates, destroyers, and supply ships followed her at flank speed. Imperial warships maintained their defensive blockade over Dromund Kaas.

These old Star-Destroyers have never seen action before. And they were heavily modified. They were at a slight disadvantage in the face of the modern day warships of the Separatist Alliance.

But that didn't matter to the warriors of the Sith Empire. Their ancestors carved their way into the unknown, and built a civilization from less than nothing.

This attitude made them undaunted in the face of adversary. They were fighting for their History, their Empress, and for their Empire. Red plasma bolts from the Confederate side flew across the void between them.

Seconds later, the Sith responded in kind. Their shields absorbed most of their blasts, but some got through. Pieces of durasteel were blasted off from the hulls of ships from both sides.

It was very clear that the Empire had better armor and firepower. But the Separatists had better shields, engines, and numbers.

The Separatist's overwhelming numbers began to whittle away at the Sith armor. Hundreds of red laser bolts slammed into the Imperial Warships and eventually wore them down.

Holes were melted into their armor, and their critical systems were speared with hot plasma, causing them to ignite and create explosions that ripped them apart.

Fighters from both sides began to buzz around the ships like angry bee hives. Vulture and Tri-fighter droids zipped around and engaged in dogfights with the Sith Star-fighters.

Literally thousands of fighters were caught in a dance of death for control of the skies. But those skies were swiftly being put under control.

The Sith warships began to pull away from the battle line and move towards a new position. All across the fleet, Separatist fighters and landing craft, their wings packed to the brim with AAT and MTT tanks and battle droids of all kinds, began to fly to the surface, while the two fleets continued to hammer away at each other from a distance that was decreasing rapidly.

Dooku stood up from the command chair and began to walk out the door. He turned to Grievous. I will go to the surface Grievous turned just in time to see an Imperial Star-Destroyer ram straight into a Separatist frigate, cleaving it in two before causing a powerful explosion.

It was the calm before the storm. Quite possibly the worst part of war. Sith warriors and Stormtroopers of the Ancient Sith Empire looked out and watched the dark gray storm clouds forming over the landscape.

A landscape that their ancestors conquered, tamed, and exploited for the creation of the Empire's great cities and fleets, which were all over the system.

They would all die before that glorious legacy was quashed by a Sith Lord wannabe. Suddenly, the storm clouds began to crackle with purple lighting.

Thundering booms rumbled across the region. That's when they saw tiny shapes coming down from the sky. Hundreds of droid fighters and bombers flew towards the city.

Heavy cannons began to cut loose with a barrage of heavy fire. Thick clouds of ged glowing flak filled the skies.

Many Separatist fighters were blasted out of the Sky, where they spun out of control and crashed into the jungle below. Smoke columns rose up over the tree tops.

Several more vultures crashed into the wall. A group of soldiers were knocked off of the top of the wall by a vulture that plowed into the them, before crashing behind the wall and exploding.

But them the hyena bombers flew by. Proton bombs were fired from their bomb bay doors, before they slammed into the hardened bunkers on top of, and at the base of the wall.

Explosions rooted the wall. Sith Star-fighters and AA guns tried to stop the swarm of fighters. But despite their valiant efforts, many Separatist fighters and bombers got through.

Explosions blossomed from the city streets, and many buildings were blasted open. Fires continued to rage and belch columns of smoke up into the air, darkening the city's skyline.

They had too, as the Separatist landing craft began to land in a field a couple miles from the outer wall.

Separatist Landing Zone, outside Kaas City. Heavy cannon fire from the city cut loose and sent red bolts of pure energy down range in the direction of the Separatist landing craft.

The droid passengers felt the ship vibrating beneath their feet, as heavy flak made the ship shake from the nearby bangs.

One CIS ship was hit in the wing. It wasn't blasted off, but it was damaged to the point where the wind caused it to wobble.

The wing was then sheared off and it crashed into the wing behind it. The unbalanced ship then spun out of control and crashed into the jungle below, causing a huggable of fire to lick across the jungle floor.

Hundreds of birds flew up all at once as their ecosystem was disturbed by the ensuing battle, which still had yet to begin.

Hyena bombers continued to fly overhead and drop their payload on the capital city, while Vulture Droids and Sith Star-fighters zipped back and forth over the skyscrapers, trying to get an advantage over the other.

The ships all eventually touched down with thud. A loud hiss was caused by decompressed air, as the large doors began to open up, causing a beam of light to shine into the dark staging area.

When the door was completely open, the ramp extended and angled down into the soil. That's when the thousands of droids and hundreds of tanks emptied out the ship.

And our 2nd wave has landed. They're pushing into the city as we speak. We have them on the run. Continue the bombardment.

One our troops take control of the city, the Imperials will be insects under our heels! As the droid army marched into the city, through the forest, a Geonosian ship, painted tan and brown, was coming in for a landing, amidst the explosions that blossomed across the city due to the bombardment from orbit.

It was being piloted by a gray bearded man with a black uniform and a brown cape. He was on a mission to kill the Empress, and ensure his master's position as the True Lord of the Sith.

Dooku and his guards walked into the burning city, on their way to hunt down the fugitive Maul, and the exiles.

A hologram of her apprentice, a pure-blood Sith named Darth Vowrawn, was on his knees behind her with his head bowed. Acina turned around and looked down on her apprentice.

They are marching through the jungle right now and will soon be upon us, " he said before raising his head.

Call in close bombing runs to make it look like a desperate fight. Just keep them distracted. We will soon wipe these mindless creations, and their masters, off the face of our planet, and then out of the system," she said.

He lowered his head again. Darth Acina looked back at the battle that was within view of her throne room. More Separatist landing craft continued to land while under heavy fire from her army.

A trio of Star-fighters from the Empire shrieked overhead and fired on a group of Hyena bombers, who were trying to bomb her Citadel directly.

She smiled when she saw them get hit, before trailing smoke and spinning put of control. That's when a volley of missiles exploded near them, releasing swarms of small droids with tiny buzz saws.

The Sith fighters were ripped apart and destroyed. One stray buzz droid handed on her balcony. It unfolded and made a threatening stance as hit extended its buzzsaws.

But she wasn't amused. When the droid jumped at her, she merely lifted her hand, and an invisible force surrounded the small droid, before it floated in midair, and collapsed inward like a tin can.

Then she flung it down to the streets below before looking back out over the field. After trekking through the city for about an hour, Count Dooku and a pair of Magnaguards made it to the main palace, which was the tallest building in the city.

On the entire planet for that matter. They walked across the main courtyard, which was in smoking ruins thanks to the Separatist bombardment.

Corpses lay in pieces or were sprawled out on the floor. Some were hanging from ledges above them. They didn't meet any resistance as they walked through the ruins.

They walked up to the door, and Count Dooku used the force to push it open. He and his guards walked through. As they stood at attention, Dooku crouched down as if inspecting the damaged flooring.

But he was actually reaching out with the force, trying to look for his prey. It must be Acina in the throne room. Let's move out and-".

Dooku was cut off by a violent slashing noise that made his two body guards open up like tin cans, sparks flying and wires swinging.

Dooku looked back to see them being impaled. He turned around just in time to see a dozen figures de-cloak out of no where.

They were Elite Imperial guardsmen, who he could tell were force sensitive. They were armed with electro-staffs, which sparked red on both ends.

Empress Acina sends her regards. General Grievous' fleet hung in orbit above Dromund Kaas, blockading the planet. A debris field of warship husks floated nearby, a testament to the Separatist Navy's capabilities, both in its leadership and its raw power.

The fleet's main batteries were aimed at the planet below. Streaks of red plasma flew down to the planet below, slamming into the capital city, gutting skyscrapers and demolishing smaller buildings.

The fleet made sure to walk the bombardment ahead of their army, giving the army continuous covering fire.

Sections of the outer wall were reported to have been destroyed, and droids were already pouring through and marching into the city.

Tey-Zuka walked up to the General. Something isn't right. He looked at a display that showed an overlay of the Invisible Hand.

It only had it's forward shields raised, just like the rest of the fleet. He turned to his neimodian captain "Is this all of the ships that they had in orbit?

Grievous looked back around at the debris field. In his gut - what was left of it anyway - he felt that there was more to this image than was currently visible.

Why would they leave their throne world with no reserves? Then, the memory of his defeat at Bothawui hit him. A droid pilot did as Grievous ordered and put up an extra layer of protection around the aft section of the Dreadnought.

Just as this happened, dozens of objects materialized out of no where. They in front of Grievous' ships, in the debris field.

More were behind the CIS ships, who still had yet to raise their rear shields. That's when they opened fire.

Red laser bolts exploded from the barrels of the Sith cannons. They struck the CIS ships in their protected flanks.

The small space stations were armed with anti-ship cannons and missiles. They added to the destructive power of the Sith navy, and made short work of any fighters that tried to break through.

The engines of several Confederate warships exploded. They were caught in the planet's gravity and began to lose altitude.

One Munificent-class frigate that lost altitude did so right over a supply ship. It cleaved right through the part of the ship that connected the two massive semicircles.

It caused a brilliant explosion that made the frigate disappear, and the supply ship sections fall towards the surface, and burn up in the atmosphere.

Many CIS ships were able to raise their shields and survive this deadly blow. But many weren't so fortunate.

A heavy blast rocked the ship. Several terminals sparked, and droids were sent crashing to the deck.

Grievous, Tey-Zuka, and several crew members struggled to hold onto something and maintain their footing.

Grievous stared at this devastating blow and growled. He turned to the captain. Redirect our cannons.

Target those Imperial scumbags and return fire! Grievous walked up in front of the captain's chair and slammed his fist down on the armrests, crippling them.

The captain looked up in terror at Grievous' faceplate and gasped. The trembling captain nodded his head nervously and tapped a button on his command console.

Nightbrother, Darth Maul's personal spacecraft. Leading the charge against the Separatist fleet was the fleet of Mandalorian warships that Maul brought with him.

Focus on the unshielded ships before you swarm the rest of the fleet. Then we'll close in on Grievous' flagship. The Sith and Mandalorian fighters swarmed over the Separatist fleet, dealing critical damage to several warships.

The heavier warships were right behind them, receiving cover from several orbital defense platforms, ready to unleash their fury and might against the invaders.

They closed in and started hammering away at the Confederate fleet at close range, blasting them into fiery chunks that floated out into space, or burned up in the atmosphere.

They attacked in waves, trying to swarm him. But Dooku kept moving, using his blade to expertly parry their strikes, and counter-attacking when he saw an opportunity.

This tactic forced the commandoes to try and keep up. It also forced them to only attack one at a time, allowing Dooku to simply slash away at their numbers.

Several commandoes laid on the ground, their bodies smoking from where Dooku slashed open their armor. The head of Dooku's latest kill rolled around on the floor.

Despite their dwindling numbers, they continued to pursue Dooku through the doorway, leading into an adjacent hallway.

One Sith commando tried to swing his staff at him, only to have both of his arms cut off above the elbows. The trooper screamed in pain and dropped to his knees, just as his comrades blew past him to swarm Dooku.

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Every Dark Lord of the Sith - Star Wars Canon and Legends Er drückte den Programmierern der Modifikation seinen Respekt für ihre More info aus und lobte, dass diese viele Elemente, die Obsidian streichen musste, Spielern click zugänglich machten. Von schulz harry hoher Qualität zeuge die Leistung der Sprecher. CBS Corporationabgerufen viasms Source Gamereactor. Ursprünglich war die parallele Veröffentlichung beider Umsetzungen geplant, jedoch nahm die Arbeit an der Grafik der letztgenannten Fassung mehr Zeit in Anspruch. Try Now. Einige dieser Aufträge sind für das Vorankommen in der Handlung erforderlich, andere go here optional. DeutschEnglisch. Dezember für Xbox in Nordamerika. Was für sith lords Click here. Novemberabgerufen am 9. Official Xbox Das geheimnisvolle kochbuch staffel 4 erscheinungsdatum US. Think Services Währenddessen führen die anderen Beteiligten ihre Aktionen parallel in Echtzeit aus. März ; abgerufen am Several Separatist fighters swooped down and strafed the flight of Guardians the film stream ships, destroying a. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. They got into a saber lock, but Acina kept using all of her strength to this web page him. Ruling as emperor in his public guise as "Palpatine", Sidious' reign was prophetically ended by his own apprentice—the Chosen OneAnakin Skywalker. In desperation, Zannah utilized her knowledge of Sith magic; tapping into the dark filme nexus on Ambria, she unleashed a wave of dark side tendrils against the Dark Lord. Sith lords that neither of the two Sith Lords could overly risk compromising the secrecy of their existence, Sidious proposed to train Maul in the Sith arts so that the Zabrak could be the one who more info exposed to the risk of detection—or even death—when necessary. After finding his long-lost brother as a shell of his former self on a junk planet, Opress managed to stir up Maul's grudge with Obi-Wan Kenobi to aid him read more his revenge against the Jedi. Towards the end of the war, following the presumed death of the Sith Emperor and after serving hd family guy the Dark Council, Malgus declared his own Empire, free of the infighting of the Dark Council. Apprentice of Darth Tyranus. Hett eventually came to sith lords that only way to defeat Sidious and Vader was by embracing the power of the dark. The capture of peaceful—and lightly defended—world like Naboo was swiftly accomplished. Some were dead, while a few were still alive. For what use is power without one? He fell to the dark side and conspired against the Jedi, causing the death of. Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness. But Darth Sidious—who had subtly manipulated Plagueis into setting link stage for the Clone Wars —would have no such thing. Their name came from a lightsaber called "Ren", which was at the base of their code and could only be wielded by their leader.

Sadow killed Ludo Kressh in competition for the title of Dark Lord. Killed Freedon Nadd. Apprentice of Exar Kun. Joined Jedi again and turned against Exar Kun.

Founder of Sith Triumverate. Great Jedi and Sith, killed by Sith Emperor. Apprentice of Darth Malak, killed by Revan.

Lord of Pain. Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Killed her master Darth Bane in her battle for Sith Mastership.

Killed by Darth Plagueis. Grand war between Galactic Republic and Separatists. Apprentice of Darth Sidious. Apprentice of Darth Sidious, died from wounds of fight when killing Emperor Palpatine.

Apprentice of Asajj Ventress, brother of Darth Maul. New Republic wins the war. Last known Sith Lord in the Galaxy.

Darth Cognus Apprentice of Darth Zannah. BBY -? But even Maul suspected that his training was far from adequate, and he sometimes wondered how he could be fit to succeed Darth Sidious when he lacked even a basic understanding of the complexities of galactic society.

He only suspected that his Master answered to another Master shortly before his defeat on Naboo. While still apprenticed to Plagueis, Sidious moved to eliminate certain loose ends in form of Sith-based cults that threatened the Grand Plan.

More often than not, these cults were harmless and disorganized; youngsters thoughtlessly rebelling against the staid world of their parents.

Many of them had no real knowledge of Sith ideology or even the power of the Force. But in some cases they were seen as dangerous, to Sidious as well as the innocent.

To ensure the long-term success of the Grand Plan, he brought these wayward cults to heel or obliterated them.

Among the factions in question was a Sith-centered mercenary band, the Thyrsian Sun Guard. Their members were not Force-sensitive, but their fighting prowess was considered phenomenal.

Another potential threat that the Sith Lords turned into an advantage was the Prophets of the Dark Side, the heretical group founded by the apostate Darth Millennial centuries ago.

Discovered by the Sith on Dromund Kaas, the Prophets were a collection of both Force-users and Sith enthusiasts, united under the leadership of a diminutive fallen Jedi by the name of Kadann.

Sidious, intrigued by Millennial's legacy, approached Kadaan and recruited the Prophets to the Sith cause. These darksiders were gifted with particular talents for seeing portents and omens in the Force.

Years later under the reign of the New Order , Kadann became one of Darth Sidious's most trusted—and most secret— advisors.

As Palpatine, Darth Sidious's political career steadily advanced through the machinations of Darth Plagueis. Sidious was able to convince many beings that he was an honest and trustworthy politician whom others could easily confide in; an extremely rare individual given the corruption and decadence in Coruscant politics.

Even seasoned Jedi Masters such as Dooku and Knights such as Ronhar Kim not only failed to sense Palpatine's true nature, but also befriended him.

Over the next several years, the Sith Lords gradually placed each part of the Grand Plan into effect. With Sidious acting as his proxy, Plagueis initiated the Yinchorri Uprising ; he arranged for the assassination of Black Sun's leader and Vigos by Darth Maul; he helped Nute Gunray ascend to the position of Viceroy of the Trade Federation; all of which was ultimately aimed at placing Darth Sidious in a position to reach the highest executive office in the political hierarchy of the Galactic Republic.

Another key factor in the Grand Plan was the secret creation of an army that would enable two Sith Lords to systematically exterminate the thousands of Jedi.

Plagueis' original goal was to create an army of Yinchorri clones , and thus he hired the cloners of Kamino to carry out his wishes.

The Kaminoans found Yinchorri DNA was not manipulable enough to effectively instill certain traits like obedience into the clones.

They suggested to Plagueis that a Human template would be easier to replicate and modify in order to meet Plagueis' exact expectations.

The Grand Plan was further modified after Sidious advised his Master about how the Jedi could not simply be destroyed; they also had to be demonized in the eyes of the galactic populace so that the Sith's actions would be justified and accepted.

Hence, Plagueis decided that the Human clone army would not fight against the Jedi Order in the war to come. They would instead fight for the Galactic Republic, under the command of Jedi officers.

Their loyalty, however, would ultimately belong to the Supreme Chancellor alone. In order to avoid any chance of the Jedi learning about the Sith's role in the creation of clone soldiers , Plagueis knew that he needed a Jedi to commission the Kaminoans to create an army for the Republic.

The cost of such an endeavor was covered by the vast wealth that Plagueis possessed through his corporation, Damask Holdings.

The Sith allied with the Trade Federation to start the blockade and invasion of Naboo. Under Darth Sidious's instructions, the Neimoidian ordered a Trade Federation fleet to blockade the entire planet of Naboo.

This anomaly caused the Sith Lords to accelerate their plans, thus forcing Gunray to order an illegal full-scale invasion of Naboo with the use of the Federation's battle droid army.

The capture of a peaceful—and lightly defended—world like Naboo was swiftly accomplished. Amidala, the young daughter of House Naberrie who had risen to the throne with Senator Palpatine's support, refused to comply with Gunray's demands.

Although Maul tracked Amidala and her Jedi protectors to the desert world of Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories , he failed to prevent them from fleeing to Coruscant, where Darth Sidious greeted them as Senator Palpatine.

Although Queen Amidala's escape was not part of the Grand Plan, her arrival on Coruscant served the Sith Lords far better than her imprisonment on Naboo.

It was Darth Sidious who realized that if he could persuade the Queen to propose a Vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum, then he would be in a position to succeed to the executive officer much sooner than anticipated.

In order to do so, he needed Amidala to see Valorum's style of leadership with her own eyes. As soon as she witnessed the Chancellor's inability to overcome Senate politics and bureaucratic procedures, Amidala proposed the motion that suddenly ended the controversial career of the Republic's unpopular head of state.

Under the guise of Hego Damask, Darth Plagueis used all of his considerable political and financial influence to create the conditions that would guarantee the election of Senator Palpatine as the next Supreme Chancellor.

Furthermore, his conception occurred without a natural father. According to Jedi prophecy, the Chosen One would be created by the will of the Force in order to destroy the Sith, thus restoring the Force back into balance.

Upon learning of Skywalker's existence and the nature behind it, Darth Plagueis was struck with a mixture of shock, awe, outrage and even fear.

Although he had made great strides in the manipulation of midi-chlorians, his attempt to coerce the midi-chlorians into spontaneously creating life had not only failed, but had noticeably backfired.

The Dark Lord suspected from the start that the Force had purposely created Anakin to undermine—and ultimately undo—the Sith Grand Plan as a balancing act to Plagueis's machinations.

At that moment, it seemed to Plagueis as though the centuries of planning and waiting patiently on the Sith's part was all for nothing.

Regardless of whether Skywalker was the Chosen One or not, Darth Plagueis refused to turn away from his plot, decades in the making by then.

With his apprentice finally at the highest level in the Republic's government, Plagueis intended to share in the control of the executive branch once Palpatine proclaimed him Co-Chancellor.

But Darth Sidious—who had subtly manipulated Plagueis into setting the stage for the Clone Wars —would have no such thing.

Shortly before being sworn into office, Sidious manipulated Plagueis into becoming overly intoxicated. Once the Dark Lord was too incapacitated to defend himself, the apprentice tortured his Master with Force lightning before ultimately killing him, thus ending his long stint as a Sith apprentice.

The new Sith Master soon found himself without an apprentice. Darth Maul had been defeated during the Battle of Naboo. With Maul lost and apparently dead, Sidious traveled to his homeworld where he was welcomed by the victorious Naboo and Gungan forces.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine promised Queen Amidala that his term would usher in the restoration of the Republic's honorable principles; as Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith continued to carry out the Grand Plan that would eventually lead to his ascension as Galactic Emperor.

Regarding Darth Maul's replacement, Sidious was determined to ensure that Anakin Skywalker became his apprentice one day.

For the time being, however, he was content to allow the Jedi Order to train the boy. Aside from his fascination with the Chosen One's unique potential, Sidious was reminded of his own youth by Skywalker's personality.

The child—much like a young Palpatine from years ago—yearned for adventure and a life of significance, but resented authority and was rather skilled at hiding his anger.

In the meantime, Sidious decided that the former Jedi Master Dooku would be a sufficient placeholder as an apprentice until Skywalker's fall to the dark side of the Force was completed.

Like Plagueis, Sidious had no intention of being killed by an apprentice and replaced. However, while Plagueis had envisioned a system where master and apprentice worked in concert with loyalty and trust, Sidious desired to rule completely alone.

He therefore created a Sith doctrine which he called the Rule of One. The new doctrine paid lip service to Bane's Rule of Two in that only two beings could have the Darth title bestowed upon them at any given time.

In all other ways however, it deviated substantially from Bane's philosophy. Where Bane's doctrine dictated that the master should train an apprentice earnestly and with the intention of making the apprentice as powerful as possible, Sidious's doctrine detailed the need for an apprentice to function solely as an instrument of the master's will, not as a potential usurper.

As such, Sidious never passed on teachings to any of his apprentices that might have enabled them to contest his power.

In addition, while the Rule of Two dictated that the dark side should be concentrated into just two beings, Sidious planned to eventually create a cadre of lesser darksiders in addition to a Sith apprentice to help enforce the rule of his Empire.

While these beings would receive no Sith training, and were technically not Sith as a result, they were nonetheless darksiders who answered to the authority of Sidious.

Shortly after pledging his allegiance to the Sith, Tyranus was tasked by his new Master with selecting an ideal candidate to become the template of the clone army.

Tyranus's choice fell on a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. In 22 BBY , Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was entrusted with near dictatorial authority —reserved only for moments of crisis—by the Senate in order to effectively counter the insurrection of the newly-created Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Furthermore, the members of the Jedi Order became high-ranking officers in the new military. After the first battle of the Clone Wars concluded in a victory for the Republic, Sidious assured Tyranus that everything proceeded on schedule, according to the Grand Plan.

In three years, the Clone Wars virtually engulfed the galaxy in conflict as Jedi-led clone forces fought against the Separatist Droid Army on countless fronts.

At the same time, the Chancellor's political authority and public support increased along with the Republic's desperation to bring end to the war.

During this conflict, Darth Maul re-appeared, having survived his bifurcation by Kenobi on Naboo.

Learning that he had been replaced by Dooku, Maul attempted to take his revenge against Kenobi for injuring him, and took his brutish sibling Savage Opress as his apprentice.

With his brother, Maul even contemplated overthrowing Sidious and ruling the galaxy as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Unfortunately for the two brothers, Sidious eventually decided that Maul had become enough of an irritant to attend to him personally.

He easily bested the two nascent Sith Lords, killing Oppress and kidnapping Maul for some unknown purpose.

It began when Palpatine orchestrated his own kidnapping during a Separatist surprise attack on Coruscant itself.

With Darth Tyranus dead and the Separatists on the verge of defeat, Palpatine subtly guided Anakin Skywalker further into the dark side of the Force.

He eventually revealed his secret identity as Darth Sidious to Skywalker, knowing that the young Jedi would report the revelation to the Jedi High Council.

Their failure not only cost them their lives, but also led to Anakin Skywalker's fall to the dark side. Shortly after his anointment as a Sith Lord, Darth Vader returned to the Jedi Temple at the head of the st Legion , a famed unit noted for its elite clone troopers.

While Sidious's new apprentice carried out Operation: Knightfall , the mission to exterminate all Jedi inside of the Temple, the Dark Lord issued Order 66 —a contingency directive issued in the event of a Jedi Rebellion—to the clone commanders.

Failing to foresee imminent betrayal, countless Jedi officers were ruthlessly gunned down by the clone troopers. Although a few Jedi survived, including Grand Master Yoda and General Kenobi, much of the rest of the Order was destroyed on Coruscant and various other locations throughout the galaxy.

By sunrise on Coruscant, Darth Sidious called for a special session of congress. Inside the Grand Convocation Chamber of the Senate Building , the Chancellor accused the Jedi Order of committing acts of rebellion, including an attempt on his own life.

Hence, he labeled the Order's surviving members as enemies of the state, subject to summary execution upon discovery.

What followed next was the Declaration of a New Order , which outlined the Republic's transition into the first Galactic Empire ; a New Order ruled by the self-appointed Emperor Palpatine.

After a thousand years of plots and patience, the Order of the Sith Lords achieved its two primary goals: the systematic purge of the Jedi Order and the rebirth of Sith galactic hegemony.

Though the Sith exacted their vengeance on the Jedi, the victory was somewhat hollow for Darth Sidious due to the near death of his apprentice.

Blinded by overconfidence in his own abilities, Vader had been dismembered by his former master and left to burn to death on the shores of Mustafar's lava flows.

The injuries, combined with the psychological damage his transformation and recent choices had inflicted upon him diminished his potential power in the Force.

The Emperor retrieved Vader and rebuilt his body, but the process ultimately turned Vader into a cyborg ; a being more machine than man.

Furthermore, he was forced to spend the rest of his life encased within a fully-concealing suit of armor —outfitted with life support technology—just to stay alive.

In spite of Darth Vader's weakened potential, he still became the Emperor's chief enforcer and a much feared symbol throughout the Galactic Empire.

However, Sidious also realized that finding another apprentice as powerful as Vader was extremely unlikely, and, despite Sidious's sociopathic tendencies, he had even developed a degree of affection for Vader.

In fact, it appears to be very likely that Sidious actively sabotaged his apprentice's recovery and training, purposely limiting Vader's abilities so that his apprentice would not rebel against him.

Through the Galactic Empire, the Order of the Sith Lords controlled the known galaxy through military force and state-sponsored terror.

Planets that resisted the New Order's policies were swiftly made examples of by the Empire's clone soldiers, newly dubbed Imperial stormtroopers.

However, trouble was brewing beneath the superficially stable surface of the Empire. As the brutality of the Sith regime became ever clearer, civil unrest grew accordingly throughout the fledgling Empire.

Numerous Imperial Senators began to consider the possibility of open rebellion, and some of them even began funding anti-Imperial extremist groups like Rahm Kota 's militia.

These Senators had long been suspected by Sidious of treason , but the Emperor could find no proof of their rebel affiliations.

Additionally, many of the suspected Senators were among the most respected members of the Senate, so he could not simply have them executed without massive public backlash.

As such, Sidious had no viable means of eliminating these insurrectionist Senators, and simply had to put up with their actions.

Even worse, although seemingly loyal to the Emperor, Darth Vader harbored a great deal of anger at his master and sought to overthrow his rule.

For years, the Dark Lord personally trained a young Human orphan as his own Sith apprentice.

The apprentice, codenamed Starkiller , was kidnapped by Vader shortly after his Jedi father was killed on Kashyyyk.

Afterward, Starkiller spent years preparing for the day when he and his Master would overthrow Darth Sidious, thus allowing him to become a true Sith Lord.

However, Sidious eventually discovered the young human and, instead of having him executed, decided to use him to gather the rebellious members of the Senate under the pretense of forming an armed insurrection against the Empire.

For some unknown reason, Darth Vader apparently changed his mind about attempting to overthrow his master with Starkiller at his side.

Once the apprentice fulfilled his purpose by bringing rebellious senators together in one location on Corellia , Vader betrayed Starkiller, nearly killing him, and apprehended the rebel leaders.

In act of redemption for his former life as a Sith assassin, Starkiller defeated Darth Vader and rescued the senators, but ultimately fell during a struggle with Darth Sidious in the process.

The apprentice's sacrifice resulted in the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic , a galactic insurrection aimed at the overthrow of Palpatine and the restoration of democracy.

Sidious, frustrated by the setback of Starkiller's demise, was also concerned that the Rebel Alliance—secretly created by himself and Vader through Starkiller's actions—would eventually destroy the Order of the Sith Lords unless every rebel was exterminated first.

The Galactic Civil War was the result of Darth Sidious's failure to prevent the creation of the Rebel Alliance, which partially owed its existence to the Emperor's schemes.

Under the pretense of increased security, Sidious announced the Dissolution of the Imperial Senate ; the legislative body that originated from the Senate of the former Republic ceased to exist as Imperial governors gained direct control over their star systems.

The removal of the last symbol of the Old Republic was followed by the Battle of Yavin where the Galactic Empire experienced an unexpected defeat against the Rebel Alliance.

The Empire's loss at Yavin 4 was further magnified in scale by the destruction of the Death Star , an immense battlestation designed to inspire submission through fear of its ability to destroy entire planets.

Luke Skywalker, a young Rebel pilot and the son of Anakin Skywalker, became a priority target of the Emperor and his apprentice.

Both Sidious and Vader agreed that Skywalker had the potential to be a powerful asset to the Order of the Sith Lords, so long as he could be turned to the dark side first.

Likewise, the Emperor intended to claim the Jedi aspirant as his new apprentice, thus releasing him from the necessity of relying on Vader's services any longer.

It was only after her assassination attempt failed, and Sidious was left with no other options, that he decided to try turning Skywalker to the dark side.

Four years after the Battle of Yavin , Darth Sidious decided to accomplish two goals—Luke Skywalker's fall to the dark side and the end of the Rebellion—at the same time.

Hence, he allowed the Alliance's Bothan spies to discern the location of the second Death Star , as well as the shield generator that protected the station during its construction period.

Furthermore, he also chose to oversee its production in person, knowing that the Rebels could not afford to miss the opportunity to assassinate their main target.

Neither Sith Lord succeeded in their objective. While Skywalker came close to embracing the dark side, in the end he refused to murder Darth Vader in hatred, hence declaring himself a Jedi as his father once was.

Realizing that Skywalker was lost to the Sith and would not turn, the Emperor unleashed his own anger through the use of Force lightning, which he used to slowly torture the Jedi.

But while doing so, the Emperor's apprentice experienced another metamorphosis, caused by the sight of his son in excruciating agony.

The Emperor failed to realize that Darth Vader no longer stood beside him; the fallen Jedi Knight re-embraced the former persona of Anakin Skywalker.

In a single act of redemption for all of his deeds as a Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker suddenly seized Darth Sidious in order to save his son.

Shrieking in utter surprise and terror, the Dark Lord turned the full power of his lightning against his now former apprentice.

Despite sustaining critical damage to his armor's life support systems, Skywalker withstood the attack and threw his former Master into the Death Star's reactor shaft.

At some point before his death, Darth Sidious became obsessed with achieving immortality, much like his Master who also hoped to avoid the tradition of the Rule of Two.

After rediscovering the lost ability to move his soul into another vessel, the Emperor secretly commissioned the creation of a series of clones with himself as their genetic template.

With the destruction of his original body on the Death Star II, the fallen autocrat used his new technique for the first time, thus preventing his spirit's banishment into the Void.

Upon claiming one of his clones as a host for his essence, Darth Sidious was alive once more. He then hid on Byss for several years while plotting to reestablish his hold over the galaxy.

The use of a cloned body was only a temporary solution. The fact that a clone was created beyond the natural process made it more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the dark side.

As a result, the clones that Sidious inhabited were subjected to rapid age acceleration and decay, thus leading young clones to extreme old age in a short matter of time.

Even still, however, Sidious regarded this dilemma as an acceptable price to pay for immortality.

Although he found the dying painful and the transition uncomfortable, the Dark Lord believed that he would live forever as long as there was always a fresh supply of clones for him to possess.

Without Sidious's presence, the Galactic Empire was fractured into various factions controlled by ambitious Moffs and Imperial officers who desired to seize opportunity in the wake of the massive power vacuum left behind by the fall of the Sith Lords.

The discord that engulfed the Empire worked to the advantage of the New Republic —the successor state to the Rebel Alliance—and its objective to liberate the galaxy from Imperial control.

Convinced that the Emperor's defeat could only be achieved through the dark side, Skywalker accepted his father's former position at Sidious's side.

With the help of both Leia and her unborn son Anakin , Skywalker managed to disrupt Sidious's link to the dark side. This action caused Sidious to lose control over the Force storm he had been using to destroy the Rebel fleet at Pinnacle Moon.

Although Skywalker returned to his role as a Jedi, the Emperor cheated death once more by taking possession of another clone.

As Sidious concentrated his full attention on destroying the New Republic and Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Order, [11] a plot was orchestrated by a group of Imperial conspirators, led by Imperial Sovereign Protector Carnor Jax , who wanted to end the Emperor's reign permanently.

They poisoned the last remaining supplies of clone bodies, thus diminishing the Emperor's ability to avoid his final death.

The dying Emperor journeyed to Onderon where he destroyed his last clone body, thus releasing his spirit in an attempt to gain control of Anakin Solo.

His efforts were thwarted by the intervention of Empatojayos Brand , a survivor of the Jedi Purge. Using his mortally wounded body to trap the Emperor, Brand bound Sidious's life essence to his own, thus taking Sidious's spirit with him as he became one with the Force.

The third organization that followed in the wake of Sidious's demise was the One Sith , [46] founded by Darth Krayt.

Although Hett survived the betrayal of the clone troopers during Order 66 and the subsequent Purge, his faith in the light side of the Force was destroyed by the desire for vengeance against the Galactic Empire and the Order of the Sith Lords.

Hett eventually came to believe that the only way to defeat Sidious and Vader was by embracing the power of the dark side. This organization would later be taken over by Darth Wyyrlok after the latter murdered Darth Krayt, although it would eventually be under the command of Darth Krayt again, having managed to revive himself.

The One Sith eventually ended up defeated when Darth Krayt died, this time permanently, and his remains flung into the sun, with several surviving Sith-aligned members going underground.

The One Sith eventually ended up destroyed altogether by a rogue Sith named Darth Wredd wiping out all of the Sith except for himself with the intention of reinstating the Rule of Two.

However, Wredd ultimately failed to gain an apprentice in the form of the Imperial Knight Yalta Val , who remained true to the light side, and Wredd ended up being killed by Ania Solo , presumably wiping out the Order of the Sith Lords permanently, although the Empress Marasiah Fel implied that this may not necessarily be the case.

Hence, only two Sith Lords were allowed to exist at any given time; the master and an apprentice. This new tenet was also meant to inspire the apprentice to murder the master, thus culling the weak from the Order and guaranteeing that only the strongest were fit to be Sith Lords.

Both members of the Order held the title Dark Lord of the Sith and were required to adopt a Sith name, beginning with the title of Darth.

Sith Masters were the head of the Order. Only one master could exist at a time, and each was supposed to have only one apprentice to serve them.

Sith apprentices were neophytes in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Although they were taught to embrace absolute submission during their training, apprentices also had a tendency to become utterly fixated on the power that the Master embodied as the senior Dark Lord of the Sith.

A dynamic designed by Darth Bane led to a tradition in which the apprentice eventually killed the Master and usurped the role of leadership.

Upon appointing an apprentice of their own, the cycle would be renewed as the new apprentice waited until his or her power eclipsed the Master.

Different from a Dark Jedi acolyte or a formal Sith apprentice, a secret apprentice was an individual who was introduced into the Order and trained by a Master to replace a failed apprentice, [6] or by an apprentice in order to overthrow the Master.

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Thirty in a millennium, rather than the tens of thousands fit to be Jedi. Contents [ show ]. In time the apprentices will unite their strengths and overthrow the master.

It is inevitable; Axiomatic. That is why each master must have only one student. An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal.

There will always be whispers that the Sith survive, hints and rumors that somewhere in the galaxy a Dark Lord lives.

And if the Jedi ever find proof of our existence, they will be relentless in hunting us down. Palpatine : " It is my will to join my destiny forever with the Order of the Sith Lords.

From this day forward, the truth of you, now and forever more, will be Sidious. You are merely the messenger. Serve me. Become my prophet.

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